Prayer: Part 2

Getting Started with Developing Your Secret Prayer Life
By Sam Hazleton

Mark 1:12  The Spirit immediately drove him out into the wilderness… Jesus spent forty days in the wilderness. Matthew records that it was after these days that Satan came with his
temptations. So what was Jesus doing in the wilderness for forty days besides “not eating”? Jesus learned the carpentry trade from his adoptive earthly father, Joseph. But how did he learn the art of effectual, fervent prayer? Could this period in the wilderness have been the crash course of the Spirit where Jesus developed the dynamic prayer life that powered his entire ministry?

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Prayer: Part 1

Discovering Your Most Powerful Weapon for the Fight of Your Life
By Sam Hazleton

If you’re a Christian, you’re engaged in a war. You have a committed and well-equipped adversary, the Devil, who, along with his hordes of fallen angels and demons, aims – by whatever means necessary -- to destroy your faith and to choke out your fruitfulness. When you made your profession of saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, not only was your name written in the Book of Life in heaven, but the enemy of your soul placed a target on your back, and put up “WANTED – DEAD OR ALIVE” posters -- with YOUR picture on them -- all over hell.

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The Mask We Wear

Mask: a covering for all or part of the face, worn as a disguise, or to amuse or terrify other people.
By Maggie Irwin

For the past 6 months the world has been wearing masks to cover their nose and mouths. There has been a virus that has gripped the world. Almost paralyzed the world. According to the CDC we must wear masks to protect others from getting sick.

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